Gruau Le Mans, Vehicles for special purposes

Gruau Le Mans offers 'customised' fittings to meet your requirements in terms of function, mobility and image.

The industrial capacity of Gruau Le Mans makes the group responsive and flexible. So you get a vast range of options from mass-produced vehicles to special one-offs. If you have a specific need. 



Mobile cultural spaces, alive and practical

Véhicules culturels Gruau Le MansTo meet the new demands from mobile cultural staff, for 20 years Gruau has been developing a specialist organisation dedicated to cultural vehicles:

Customised: the supply is suited to the specific needs and development of the media

Specialists: A team that understands the needs of the culture professions, and the design, manufacture and maintenance of your vehicles.



Véhicules promotionnels Gruau Le MansA place to work, sell, train and inform

Gruau offers a large range of options for all your mobile offices and promotional displays.

  • These highly practical travelling spaces, bearing your image, bring you as close as you need to your public and your clients.
  • Gruau devotes all its research and development abilities to study your needs and optimise the payload.
  • Real transport vehicles to respond to your local customer requirements and to decentralise services.


    Véhicule promotionnel podium Gruau Le MansCarry your image

    For your mobile poster campaigns...
    Think of our polyester module

  • Robust,
  • Easy to maintain,
    It can be built attractively round the chassis of your choice.


    In the service of health service professionals

    Véhicules médicaux Gruau Le MansGruau designs and builds vehicles suited to the working environment of travelling medical teams:

  • 'Blood Transfusion' vehicles, occupational medicine vehicles, etc.
  • Ergonomic: each vehicle is carefully researched. The fittings are made to measure using an insulated free-standing compartment so that we can begin fitting out the vehicle before we have the chassis.

  • Expertise: Mobile Medical Centres made by Gruau are specialised vehicles used by many branches of the MSA – the French farmers’ insurance fund.


    When the nursery is on the move…
    Véhicules sociaux Gruau Le MansThe Bébébus has all the equipment you need to cater for young children.

    This mobile nursery makes it possible to offer childcare services in the smallest villages. Parked alongside a community hall to provide children with a large play space, the Bébébus operates independently and is fitted with a microwave oven, child-friendly toilets, daybeds, storage space for educational toys, and worktops making it easy to cope with the very small...

    This mobile facility is the ideal partner for social services departments wishing to offer a neighbourhood service for a few hours or a whole day, to parents who will be reassured by a professional, qualified team of workers.

    TECHNOLOGICAL VEHICLESVéhicules technologiques Gruau Le Mans

    The mobile workshop at your service in all circumstances
    Gruau offers you a complete range of mobile workshops designed for the specialists in your field.

  • Peace of mind: These vehicles transport your employees safely for on site repairs with all the necessary equipment and technology ready to use, in optimum conditions.  


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